Cycle Hire

Cycle Hire…

Bike hire can be arranged. We are not a bike hire company, we simply arrange the cycle hire for our guests. A wide range bicycles is available at £10.00 daily or £50.00 for the week including FREE DELIVERY & COLLECTION.


Ladies, Men’s and Childs mountain bikes.

Adult Price: £10.00 per day or £50.00 a week

Child Price: £8.00 per day or £40.00 a week

Perfect for a “family bike ride”. Easily assembled tagalong bicycle.

Price: £8.00 per day or £40.00 per week

Trailers can be attached to the rear of adult bikes and can carry 2 children at maximum capacity with a weight not exceeding 40KG’s

Price: £8.00 per day or £40.00 per week

Fitted to the rear of most adult bikes. Child seats can carry up to 22KG’s in weight and have adjustable straps and footrests.

Fitting Price: £10.00
(One off fitting charge)

Cycle Hire on the Isle of Wight

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